Book to Script in 90 days.

Your book deserves to be on the big screen. The independent filmmaking field is constantly evolving and becoming more inclusive. In this program, I work directly with you to get your book converted into a script within 90 days so that you're on the path to sit in a crowded theater watching your movie within the next year. 

What's Included

One on One mentorship to get your book converted into a movie script within 90 days.  Screenwriting broken down in easy to understand process. High touch accountability along your writing journey. I won't leave you hanging in a sea of Hollywood lingo.  Don’t put off your dreams any longer — let’s make that screenplay happen. 

Six Module Screenwriting Course

No fluff, just the meat and potatoes of how to get started with writing your script. Supporting downloads & movie scripts for review.

Script Outlining Made Easy 

Avoid getting stuck in the middle of your script by getting started with an airtight script.

Kick Off and Group Calls

Stuck? Don't stay there. Get those ideas out of your head and onto paper. 

Script Coverage You Can Trust

Invaluable feedback on your pages. Format, dialogue, and of course conflict just a few key areas we'll discuss.

Brought to you by:

Toneka Wright is an award-winning filmmaker and owner of Black Filmmakers Academy, an online platform providing courses, workshops, and summits in various areas of filmmaking. The Black Filmmaker’s Academy exists for one simple reason. To help Black filmmakers learn the art, craft, and business side of making, distributing, and marketing cinematic masterpieces. The Academy focuses on categories such as acting, scriptwriting, lighting techniques, obtaining distribution, leveraging social media and breaking into film festivals, just to name a few.

It is Toneka’s mission to change the way people of color are viewed in film, by creating platforms for movies told from the Black perspective and voice. She believes wholeheartedly that when we see more positive images of people of color in media, we will see massive changes for the better in the community.


This is a LIMITED-TIME 60% off offer on the Author to Screenwriter Program.  Join the program for only $2000.  As an added bonus receive A Black Filmmakers Academy Swag Bag, BFA backpack, Writer-ish & BFA tees, screenwriting books, and additional One on One calls.